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The Nest Online (2020)

Assistir The Nest Online em HD Dublado. O filme foi lançado no ano de 2020, tem uma nota de 1.6 no site do Filmow e foi dirigido por James Suttles.

The Nest online
Ficha técnica

Meg is a fearless and independent child who bonds with her playful and musical father Jack. Her mother, Beth, is a recovering prescription opioid addict, who fiercely loves her daughter and husband but who carries guilt about letting them both down in the past. The story begins with a trip to the playground and a visit to a nearby yard sale. At the yard sale, Beth purchases a stuffed bear for Meg which sets off a chain reaction that the family could not possibly imagine. In the shadows of the forest behind the playground, Meg has a terrible accident and later develops extreme separation anxiety. The intense focus of Meg?s anxiety is rooted in her new stuffed bear, Ricky, and her mother Beth, who failed to react and help Meg in her time of need. Meg routinely talks with Ricky and starts developing strange hoarding habits involving her stuffed animals and playthings. The Nest online

  • Título original: The Bewailing (Original)
  • Gênero Filmes, Thriller
  • Média geral 1.6
  • Ano de lançamento: 2020
  • Dirigido por James Suttles
  • Países de Origem Estados Unidos da América
  • Estreia 6 de Março de 2020
  • Elenco Sarah Navratil (Beth), Anna Lynn Holleman (Mrs. Jean), Blaque Fowler (Nick), Dee Wallace (Marissa), Kevin Patrick Murphy (Jack)

Assistir The Nest Online em HD Dublado

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